The wallet that pays you back

Swap fees return to holders. Not big banks.


Everything You Expect and More

From convenience to security, Neko knows that crypto wallets should do more.
All paired with built-in ETH rewards.

Two-factor Authentication

An added layer of security to keep your crypto safe.

ETH Rewards

NekoMask's internal swap fees are routed back to DeFi in the form of ETH rewards for stakers of Neko.

Usability Features

Fiat onramp, quick disconnect, real-time charts, wallet hiding, and granular gas controls help get you ahead in the world of DeFi.

Two-factor Authentication

Add another layer of security to your DeFi crypto wallet by guarding against local attacks with two-factor authentication. NekoMask integrates with your favorite token generation app to help keep your crypto safe.

  • Triggers on authentication and any transfer
  • Use your favorite token generation app
  • Customizable 2FA timeout

Swap Fees Return to Holders
Not Big Banks

Instead of funneling internal swap fees back to big banks, NekoMask routes fees back to DeFi. Stakers of our Neko token earn passive income through ETH rewards.

  • Swap fees generate ETH rewards
  • Stakers of Neko token earn rewards
  • Internal swap powered by  0x
  • Lower  fees than MetaMask (0.777%)

Convenience Features

Real-time price data, gas controls, wallet hiding and color themes make crypto more accessible from within NekoMask.

  • Fiat onramp by Transak
  • Fine-grained gas controls
  • Real-time charts
  • Hide unneeded wallets
  • Color themes
  • And more coming...

Key Features

Two-factor Authentication

Added security for your crypto is a couple clicks away.

Built-in Rewards

Swap fees return to holders, not big banks.

Lower Fees

Lower fees than MetaMask with internal swap powered by 0x.

Real-time Charts

Check price data from right within NekoMask instead of needing another app.

Hide Wallets

Unwanted wallets can be hidden and revealed again if needed.

Quick Disconnect

Disconnect from all connected Web3 sites in one click.

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